Wednesday, May 28, 2008

By Dulce

My friend
tall ,crazy ,cute
playful ,nice
Helpful when you need it ,and caring

cinquains by brenda

I really like baing around her
My sister.

who who by alonzo

alonzo i will like to play soccer all day with my friends.
lover of soccer,music.and basketball and texting on my phone.
who feels sad,mad,cool,happy at school.
who need love,money,play more soccer.
who gives things to my sister.
who fears at bulls.
who would like to see.carmelo anthony.allen iverson.
cristiano ronaldo kaka.
who lives and a house in midvale and my room is so messi.

I am

Iam happy and very dareing I wonder
whats going to happen when iam older
I here lound music in the car I see my self
being sad when I lose some one I want alot of money
Iam happy and very dareing

I imagine me standing in a field spinning
around I feel happy when iam with my friends
I touch people I worry when iam going to die
I cry when i lose some one whose my best friend
Iam happy and very dareing

I understand that i have to have good grades
I say that am always going to have a best friend
I dream that when iam older I will live a rich life
I try to do good in school I hope I have alot of money
when iam older Iam happy and very dareing

By Dulce

Cold Feeling
Easy To Talk To

Two-tone by corey

Some days I am blue
When I am Blue I feel tired,
or lazy.
Other days I am red
When I amred I want to play sports or lift weights.
Today I am blue

Rough Draft

some days iam green when iam green
iam ok or when iam blue iam sad
other days iam pink when iam pink
iam calm or happy today iam blue sad